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West Point 1915 PDF Free Download

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  1. West Point 1915 PDF Free Download
  2. West Point 1915 Pdf Free Download Pdf

'Tom Doherty Associates book.' A memoir of the Second World War from the perspective of a West Point graduate documents more than two and a half years of combat in Casablanca, Tunisia, Sicily, and Normandy, and the final days of the Third Reich.

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20 Facts about the Class of West Point, 1915

The Class of West Point in 1915 contained a number of extraordinary graduates, including Dwight Eisenhower and Omar Bradley, who went on to play significant roles in American history. Below are 20 facts are pulled from Michael Haskew’s book, West Point 1915.

1) There were 59 of 164 graduates who achieved the rank of brigadier general or higher.

2) The Class of 1915 was the largest in the history of West Point up to that time.

3) The Class of 1915 originally numbered 287, and its attrition rate was more than 40 percent.

4) Dwight Eisenhower served two terms as President of the United States (1953-1961).

5) Eisenhower played football for West Point in a memorable game against the great Jim Thorpe of Carlisle Institute.

6) As a young man, Eisenhower worked in a creamery in his hometown of Abilene, Kansas.

7) A serious knee injury nearly cost Eisenhower his military career.

8) Eisenhower ranked 61st in the Class of 1915.

9) Eisenhower’s roommate and lifelong friend, Paul A. Hodgson, was also from Kansas.

10) Omar Bradley played football and baseball at West Point and ranked 44th in the Class of 1915.

11) Several members of the Class of 1915 played on the undefeated national champion army football team during the 1914 season.

West Point 1915 PDF Free Download

12) Bradley had a million men and women under his command, more than any other general in American history.


13) Bradley served as head of the Veterans Administration after World War II and reorganized the agency, which had been in serious disarray.

14) Bradley and his wife Kitty served as consultants for the Oscar-winning film Patton.

15) Bradley later served as chairman of the Bulova Watch Company.

16) Bradley had intended to enroll in the University of Missouri, but his Sunday School teacher told him about West Point and the opportunity to earn a college diploma with expenses paid by the U.S. government.

17) The oldest graduate of the Class of 1915, Colonel E. DeTreville Ellis, died on January 22, 1995, at the age of 104.

West Point 1915 PDF Free Download

18) James Van Fleet, who reached the rank of four-star general along with Joseph McNarney, died on September 23, 1992, at the age of 100.

19) According to some sources, Van Fleet’s career was hampered by a case of mistaken identity as Army Chief of Staff General George C. Marshall believed he had a drinking problem. Once the mistake was discovered, Van Fleet rose rapidly to army level command.

West Point 1915 Pdf Free Download Pdf

20) Three members of the Class of 1915 endured the infamous Death March during World War II and survived.