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The Party's Over PDF Free Download

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The party dvd

The Party (or 'TP', for short) was an annual demoscene event held from 1991 to 2002 in Denmark. It was one of the first events of its kind and set the trend for many other demoscene parties in Europe. At its peak in the 2000 party it was joined by up to 5000 people.


List of all The Party events
11991Crystal, Silents, Anarchy
21992Part II, The Final
31993You Can't Beat The Feeling!
41994Don't Try This At Home
519955th Anniversary
61996End of an Era
71997Batteries not included
81998Do you believe in life after christmas?
91999Need we say more...
102000Back to the roots
112001Digitally Remastered
122002Demos, Games, Party!

The early years[edit]

The first edition of The Party began at the MesseCenteret in Aars, Denmark, on December 26, 1991. Only Amiga demo groups were involved in organizing the party: Crystal (a cracking group which spun off Melon Dezign), The Silents, and Anarchy. Attendance was near double what was expected. The top three winners in the Amiga demo competition were Hardwired, Voyage, and Odyssey.

In 1992, The Party 2, which was actually called 'The Final' due to uncertainty of The Party's future, attracted an even more overwhelming number of demosceners. The Amiga organization remained the same, but PC and C64 sceners started to attend and create their own compos. The Amiga demo compo winner was State of the Art. A 40k intro competition was held for the first time. Facts of Life won the PC demo competition in a ruling contested by Future Crew, the runners-up and compo organizers, because no voting actually took place. Jesper Kyd performed at The Party regularly.[1]


Shift in platforms[edit]

In 1993, The Party moved to the Herning Messecenter in Herning. Lemon. and Spaceballs took over Amiga organizing. The PC side had a full, separate set of competitions. There were many arguments between the Amiga and PC organizers, with the PC side threatening to secede and start their own party in 1994. The threat became empty as The Party remained multi-platform. The Party moved again in 1995 to Fredericia before returning to Aars from 1996 until its demise. The PC scene visitors gradually outnumbered the Amiga scene visitors who dominated the early years.

Shift in scenes[edit]

With 3000 visitors and rising, The Party started attracting elements outside of the demo scene. In the early 1990s, rave culture exploded in Denmark, and kids found The Party to be a fun place to dance and blast music. They mostly coincided peacefully with the demo sceners, but in 1995, a rave in the sleeping hall sparked numerous complaints.

With the release of Doom just weeks before The Party 3 in 1993, network gaming became an overnight sensation, transforming part of the event into the first major LAN party. Through the 1990s, the gaming element of The Party steadily grew while the demoscene element remained stagnant.

The final years[edit]

By 2000, much of the demo scene had abandoned The Party in favor of other demo parties taking place around the same time. Amiga sceners formed a smaller alternative called TRSAC ('The Real Scene After Christmas'), while C64 and PC sceners started tUM ('the Ultimate Meeting') in Germany. It was the winning 64k intro from Farbrausch, FR-08: .the .product, that briefly drew demoscene attention back to The Party and gave the organizers enough hope to declare the next party's motto 'Back To The Roots'. But that promise fell flat as demosceners saw little effort to back it. Sceners complained about constant harassment by both the local security people (who would constantly search their bags for alcohol) and gamers (who would complain about the compos being too loud). The competitions in 2002 were abandoned to the point where all demos and intros were combined into one compo. The Party was cancelled the following year.

Competition winners[edit]

The Party demo/intro compo winners, 1991-2002
YearAmiga demoPC demoC64 demoAmiga introPC intro
1991Odyssey (Alcatraz)N/ABrutality (Light)N/AN/A
1992State of the Art (Spaceballs)Facts of Life (Witan)Coma Light 8 (Oxyron)Tetris (Melon Dezign)N/A
1993Origin (Complex)Untitled (Dust)Tower Power (Camelot)Chaosland (Virtual Dreams)CyboMan (Gazebo)
1994Nexus 7 (Andromeda)Project Angel (Impact Studios)Access Denied (Reflex)4k0 (Polka Brothers)Cyboman 2 (Complex)
1995Closer (CNCD)Caero (Plant & EMF)Mathematica (Reflex)Creep (Artwork & Polka Brothers)Lasse Reinbong (Cubic Team & $een)
1996Shaft 7 (Bomb)Alto Knallo (Free Electric Band)Nine (Reflex)Phongfree (Oxyron)Deesbab (Orange)
1997My Kingdom (Haujobb & Scoopex)Tribes (Pulse & Melon Dezign)Second Reality (Smash Designs)Superautodrome (Scoopex)Stash (The Black Lotus)
1998Alien 2 (Scoopex)MOAI (NOMAD)Triage III (Smash Designs)1000% (Scoopex)Alien Sex Clone (fudGe)
1999Concrete (Ephidrena)Non-3D:Melrose Space (Threestate)Y2K (Duck & Cover) (No Name)Nonstop (Dual Crew - Shining)Fukwit Daddy (Haujobb)
3D:Kasparov (Elitegroup)
2000Megademo 2000 (Haujobb)Love Creation MAX (INF)Starburst 96 (Padua)qrid (Nature)FR-08: The Product (Farbrausch)
YearCombined demoC64 demoCombined 64K intro
2001Elements (Haujobb)Decade 100 % (Smash Designs)FR-014: Garbage Collection (Farbrausch)
2002CloseGL (Jesper & Sharky)
The Party music/graphic compo winners, 1991-1999
Year4-channel musicmulti-channel musicpixel graphic
1991Overload (Mantronix / Tip )N/AMaximum overscan (Iridon of Shining)
1992Cortouchka (Moby of DRD)N/AWomsnake (Peachy / TRSI)
1993Elektrik Funk (Moby of Sanity)Cloudscape (Zodiak)Dragon Sun (Cougar / Sanity) & Alex (Movement)
1994Electric Church (Hithansen / Rednex)Reflecter (Zodiak of Cascada)Helge Schneider (Peachy / Masque)
1995Fountain Of Sighs (Unreal of Pulse)The Morning After (Fby Fabio Barzagli of Soft One)Spacetits (Danny)
1996Salsa Con Carne (Mystical of Purple)Close to god (Croaker / Halcyon / Tpolm)Multi Doodle (Mazor / Paragon)
1997Sassy Notion (Pink of Abyss)Follow the star (KB of TOM / Purge)Cannibal (Seth of Fudge)
1998Junk Freaks (Moby of Sanity and Pink of Abyss)Ratzbatzfatzfatz (Salt of KOLABORE)Hina (TMK of INF)
1999Blue trippy yellow (Jazz of Haujobb)In times of war (oRaNGe of Ostebulen)Color of Autumn (Fashion of Smash Designs)

The Party's Over PDF Free Download


  • Scenery Amiga at Exotica [1]

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The Party Place

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