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The longer we suppress something mightier the explosion is. Do mind that I am using the term explosion in a metaphorical sense and this is strictly metaphorical only. India is a country of peace and chaos; and mind you, they both remain in this nation at the same time! If you see the Indian subcontinent from the moon, you will believe that ‘God in his heaven and all is right with the world’ with so colourful a combination of people and vivid traditions and ways of life. Nevertheless, once you descend from the height and come to the real India, you will find all the antonyms smiling at the face of your imagination. And to bring the minds to reality, we need some good literature at intervals and this time, I have found one to share with you all – The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter by Shilpa Raj. Her book and the author herself, both are the testimony to hard work and determination! Shilpa, through her memoir, has tried to present to the world what lies beneath the shrouds of aspiration and dreams.

The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter is well written, fascinating and the author is searingly honest about herself. The book describes the brutal reality of being born into a poor family in village in rural India, and the author’s complex and challenging upbringing. The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter About the Book Twenty-one-year-old author Shilpa Anthony Raj chronicles the lives of three generations of her family and describes her attempt.

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The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter was released in India on 28th of July 2017 and since then, it has been a success for the book. Shilpa has been to many institutions, many talk shows and many other places talking about her book. About the book, the memoir of a girl who has seen two worlds – one of plenty and another of scanty, I will simply put it in the words as follows.

The book is a retrospective one and Shilpa Raj narrates what she has been through in her childhood. Born into a poor family of Dalits and an elephant chaser father, Shilpa wasn’t destined to be an author. She was supposed to be a girl being prepared for marriage once she turns 13-14. She was supposed to be aloof from the mainstream of the society. She was having her fate written to be confined within the four walls of a poorly built hut and remain within. Nevertheless, she defied the tradition of her family; she defeated her fate; she challenged the conventional notions; she got educated; she got a masters degree; she became an author to tell her story to the world. And The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter is all about Shilpa’s war against the unneeded and forged tradition which is no longer required in India. Can you live with untouchability and prejudices against the people? People who are very much like you but poor?

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My experience with the book by Shilpa has been wonderful. I liked the concept and she has done a duly justified exercise with the theme of the book with her writing (language as well as content). The book does what it is supposed to do; it talks to the readers and conveys the message which needs urgently to travel through minds to minds to minds. Shilpa has been successful in asking the tough questions of our society without actually raising one. She appears to be simply narrating the tragedy which happened with her and her sister and her family. Nevertheless, she has craftily, as a matured author, made use of the skilful writing!


Be aware the readers who are so skin deep in love with the books which play with their mind. The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter will not play with your imagination – it will involve you into a serious consideration and will ask you questions which you must answer for the better of yourself. This book will not offer you some kind of flowery romance; it will offer you the bitter realities of our society… So, are you ready for the read? Grab a copy for your Kindle devices or mobiles with Kindle apps or just get a paperback from Amazon. The link is right below:

The Elephant Chaser's Daughter Amazon

Amazon India: The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter

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The Elephant Chaser' S Daughter Pdf free download. software




The Elephant Chaser' S Daughter Pdf Free Download Windows 10

A must read book by debut author!