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For thisproject I had to create a trailer for a film, and then a promotional poster forthe film and a magazine front cover or an interview/review of the film. Idecided to do a poster and a magazine front cover, using the Thriller/Horrorgenre as inspiration for my trailer.

February 27

I.Live.Hereis a film inspired by a story I read about a solider who came back from warcompletely paralysed. Doctors thought that he was in a coma and kept him inhospital. Surrounded by friends and family, the solider kept trying tocommunicate, but quickly realised that any movement or noise he tried to makewasn’t being produced. After it was discovered that his brain was in perfectworking order, Doctors developed ways of helping the man communicate. He gavean interview talking about how felt during this time, feeling as if he wasbattling with a persona he had made in his head to keep him company. By using this as in idea i hoped to effect the audience in a highly personal way, making them consider what life would be like without communication and how an inner struggle would effect them.

From thisstory I decided on the basic plot-line of the story, a struggle of good and badwithin one person’s mind. I thought that simplicity, in terms of misé-en-scene,shots and character’s costume, would be the easiest way to communicate with theaudience, allowing them to fully engage in the story, as opposed to beingdistracted. This meant that the film would appeal to an active audience. Infeedback, people said that the storyline wasn’t easily figured out in thetrailer, which was what I was aiming for, and they said that this made themwant to watch the film because it intrigued them. Many people picked up on thefact that there were not a huge range of shots used, and realised that alongwith the simplistic misé-en-scene that this was a deliberate effect in keepingwith the genre and making sure the trailer didn’t become too complex.

The onlything that I didn’t want to be simple, other than the storyline, was theediting. I felt that it was important to include effects which made the trailerdifficult to watch, not mentally, but physically. I used grain and noise tomake the film appear gritty, earthquake effects to highlight the turning pointsin the trailer, sped up footage and colour changes, such as de-saturation andoverdrive in the final shot. From my test screening, many people said that theyliked the effects and that they were unusual. It took many attempts to get thedual-shot correct and even in the final version of the trailer I am not 100%happy with the way it came out. There are minor glitches in the lighting andyou can see my feet through the first body. I would change this by wearingwhite socks, as wearing black socks seems to be the cause as to why my feet arevisible, because the two layers do not blend together well enough when thereare dark objects underlying the lighter objects. Other than this I am happy with the way the editing came out, I think that the effects add dramaticeffect to the trailer without distracting from the storyline. If anything, Ithink that the effects help emphasis what is going on, and without would justlook like someone walking around their house.

Many peoplesaid that they liked the music and that the timing of the bells and thecrashing entrance works brilliantly with the editing of the trailer. Forexample, some of my feedback came through with comments such as “The bells atthe end are effective, I didn’t expect the face to flash up at the end becausethe bells signified an end to me” and “I like the fact that the main footagedoesn’t start until the main part of the music, this built suspense but alsomade the initial shot stand out.”
The onlypiece of negative feedback from the trailer that came back was my choice to notinclude a voice-over, any speech or titles which hinted at what was going on.Initially this wasn’t a conscious decision, but after thinking about it, Iwouldn’t do it differently. I feel that by not having speech in the trailermakes the audience pay more attention to what they are seeing, forcing them tomake their own opinions on what the trailer is trying to show and how thecharacter is feeling, as opposed to being spoon-fed information, also makingsure that the film engages an active audience.
As well asthe trailer, I had to create a promotional poster for the film. I already knewthat I was doing a horror/thriller film and had already done plenty of researchon the genre, including typical typography used, imagery and layout of thegenre’s poster. Many of the posters I looked at were simple, mainly using oneimage which was almost like an icon or logo for the film for example, theScream films use the mask and, although of a different genre, Big Brother usethe eye.

I quicklydecided on the anti-cross, being a religious representation I thought it mightalienate audiences, but after further research it seems a fairly popular iconamongst teens at the moment, possibly pulling in an audience that otherwisewouldn’t be interested in the film. The anti-cross was used to represent peoplewho either felt, or were deemed, not good enough to go to heaven and were in noway comparable to Jesus. It is believed that Peter requested this form ofcrucifixion as he felt he was unworthy to be crucified in the same manner thatJesus died. Some Catholics use this cross as a symbol of humility andunworthiness in comparison to Jesus. I felt that this was important to includeas an icon for the film, not only to link all three products together, but alsoto emphasis the point that the character didn’t feel worthy of life, thestruggle between good and bad making the character feel this way. The testaudience really seemed to pick up on this, appreciating the links between allthree products and understanding that iconography can hugely help promote afilm.

For thebackground I found that basic images, or blank fills, work best for horrorposters. I used this image because it looks gruesome, without being explicit.It looks bloody and there is a visible handprint, signifying possible death, aswell as conforming to horror conventions, something I felt was important. Thecross, being the main icon of the film, was immediately placed in the middle,and even in draft versions, you can see that this never changed. This washugely important to me, as it is the only image on the poster, and it is theonly icon of the film, therefore it had to stand out. The titling is in a fontcalled Riven. I think that this font works really well, it’s clear to read, butis edgy too. To highlight the title of the film I added the same text, but inblack to make it stand out more. This worked a lot better than my drafts, whichdidn’t have this.

The tag-lineI felt had to be included, mainly because it isn’t in the trailer, and alsobecause the poster doesn’t feature any character images I thought it wasimportant to allow anyone who sees the poster a certain amount of insight intothe film.

From myfeedback I gathered that people liked the poster, but felt that the billingblock was a little small. I disagree with this because I don’t think that thebilling block is the main thing people look at when they look at a promotionalposter, especially not in this case because there are no famous actors in it,and the director isn’t well known. The only reason I would change the size ofthe billing block is if it had any of these elements.
Teaser Poster

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Draft edit

For themagazine cover I had a choice of choosing a publication or creating my own. Idecided to create my own, feeling that this would allow for more variation onthe layout, not being overly compared to many publications which have set waysof doing things. After creating the title and tag-line, the basic elements wereadded, such as the bottom banner, the bar code and the additional images ofother reviews, including the secondary article title.

I had manyquestions about having the word ‘BIGGEST’ in blue. The sole reason for this wasthat if it was in red, the cover had no colour variation and it didn’t make thetitle ‘pop’. If I was going to re-do this, I would possibly consider making thebottom banner blue or yellow, allowing for more variation, but I am prettypleased with how it looks regardless. Aside from this, the feedback I gatheredsaid that the colour scheme worked well.

Next Idecided that the font should vary across the cover. Although this seemssomewhat unconventionally, I felt that it worked well because the fonts usedfor the reviews of film are the same, tying them together, the typewriter fontused to describe I.Live.Here signifies another article, and the same with thetop 100 fonts. This wasn’t picked up on, which I assumed was a good thingbecause it meant that it wasn’t glaringly obvious, allowing for sections to beidentified but also unified on the front cover.


Finally, Idecided that I wanted to do something different with the main image on thecover. I quickly chose to do 3D, being something I have never tried before, andliking the idea that I could make the character look trapped behind all of theother images, portraying the idea that the character is not only trapped insideher own mind, but also inside the magazine. Initially only the character was 3Dbut after a test screening of sorts it was decided that the title of the filmand the cross should also be in 3D. This fully enhanced the fact that thecharacter is truly trapped. To make it obvious that the 3D images really were3D they had to be marginally overlapped with non-3D images. From my feedback Igathered that people really liked the use of 3D, saying that this was morelikely to make them buy it. If I could re-do this part I would have thecharacter wear a white t-shirt, as opposed to green, just to link the characteron the cover to the character in the trailer, otherwise I wouldn’t changeanything.

The onlynegative feedback I gained was that a few people felt that the cover was barein parts. This was a conscious decision, mainly because if the titles andimages were shrunk to allow for further information the cover looked toocluttered and some parts were unreadable. I also felt that the cover shouldfollow the simplicity theme which both the trailer and the promotional posterfollow. This allowed for continuity, which was important to me because I wantedpeople to be able to look at one of the products and realise that they were allfrom the same source, as opposed to thinking that they all representeddifferent things.