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  2. There’s only one actual orgy mentioned in Blair Tindall’s Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs and Classical Music, the memoir by an oboist (with the New York Philharmonic and San Francisco.



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In the tradition of Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential and Gelsey Kirkland’s Dancing on My Grave, Mozart in the Jungle delves into the lives of the musicians and conductors who inhabit the insular world of classical music. In a book that inspired the Amazon Original series starring Gael García Bernal and Malcolm McDowell, oboist Blair Tindall recounts her decades-long professional career as a classical musician—from the recitals and Broadway orchestra performances to the secret life of musicians who survive hand to mouth in the backbiting New York classical music scene, where musicians trade sexual favors for plum jobs and assignments in orchestras across the city. Tindall and her fellow journeymen musicians often play drunk, high, or hopelessly hungover, live in decrepit apartments, and perform in hazardous conditions— working-class musicians who schlep across the city between low-paying gigs, without health-care benefits or retirement plans, a stark contrast to the rarefied experiences of overpaid classical musician superstars. An incisive, no-holds-barred account, Mozart in the Jungle is the first true, behind-the-scenes look at what goes on backstage and in the Broadway pit.

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A cautionary tale from the trenches. An unsparing glimpse into that world of small triumphs, easy frustrations and surprising excess, dispensing dirty little secrets usually reserved for late-night bar talk and backstage gossip. Tindall succeeds at a more ambitious goal: presenting a surprisingly through analysis and scathing critique of the classical music business. This is a fascinating examination of a peculiar culture that provides so much joy while breaking so many hearts. Her description of life in the famous Allendale building.
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$^PDF Mozart in the Jungle Sex Drugs and Classical Music (Download Ebook)


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He waited until showtime to perform his outdoor tricks, when the tourists were safely inside. Mozart in the Jungle eBook? Breathing Underwater? Cinema Mozatr. Saffron Burrows.

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Many fundamental questions are raised here concerning the role of music and the arts in society. Meet blonde chick in a black junle Blair Tindall, but then acts like she never chose to study music. Mozart in the Jungle Blair chooses to go to NC School of the Arts instead of Exeter, oboist and orchestra muso.

Tindall's book is a serious attempt to take the lid off a world in which the mozzart in tails is underpaid, undervalued and exploited. Movie Posters. Lehmanns Verlag.

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