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Feeding My Mother PDF Free Download

My Breastfeeding Plan. Download a Breastfeeding Plan (PDF, 174kb). Texas Health and Safety Code states that a mother is entitled to breastfeed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be. Download the Card. Share this Site Facebook Twitter Pinterest. For Shin Kyung-sook, one of the nation's most popular authors, a mother is a source of her writings. The 45-year-old author got inspiration from her mother to write the new novel `Take Care of My Mom.' The novel portrays a mother from a different angle, in a story based on her real mother after a 15-day stay with her in her hometown. About the Health Care Proxy Form This is an important legal document. Before signing, you should understand the following facts: 1. This form gives the person you choose as your agent the authority to make all health care. Breastfeeding the norm, which includes encouraging and supporting exclusive breastfeeding up to six months of age as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This curriculum was developed for use in the prenatal setting. It is intended to support a mother’s choice to breastfeed and to help her establish and achieve her breastfeeding.

Exclusive Breastfeeding

My goal is to exclusively breastfeed my baby. Please do not give my baby any supplements before speaking to me or my birthing partner. I need all of my baby's suckling to be at my breast in order for me to establish a good milk supply.

No bottles or Pacifiers

Please do not give my baby artificial nipples including pacifiers or any types of bottles filled with formula, water, or glucose water. If there is a medical reason for supplementation, I would first like to speak with a lactation consultant or pediatrician about trying alternate feeding methods with expressed breastmilk.


When my baby is born, I would like to have him/her placed on my chest, skin-to-skin with me for the first hour. If possible, please perform routine newborn evaluations with my baby on my chest. Throughout our stay, I want to be able to hold my baby skin-to-skin as much as possible. A blanket may be placed over us, but not between us, if extra warmth is necessary.

First Hour

Please help me start breastfeeding within 30-minutes to 1-hour of delivery. This means placing my baby skin-to-skin as soon as possible after birth and offering to help to begin breastfeeding when my baby seems ready (e.g. rooting, licking lips, etc.). Please do not force my baby to take the breast if he/she is not showing signs of readiness. Instead, keep my baby skin-to-skin with me until he/she is ready to try to latch.

Pdf Download

Routine Exams

Please examine my baby in my presence and do not take him/her away from me unless he/she requires medical treatment that cannot be done in my room.

Emergency Cesarean

If I have a cesarean, I would like to hold my baby skin-to-skin as soon as possible after the operation. If I am unable to for some time after the delivery, then please allow my partner to hold my baby skin-to-skin.

Rooming In

I would like to room in with my baby 24 hours a day to give my baby plenty of skin-to-skin time and so I can learn my baby's feeding cues and feed him at his first sign of hunger. If for some reason my baby and I are not in the same room, please bring him/her to me at the earliest hunger cues, such as sucking on hands, making sucking noises or rooting.

Breastfeeding Assistance

Please teach me how to get a good latch and how to correct my baby's positioning and latch if it is needed. Please teach me how to know my baby's early hunger cues and how to tell if my baby is breastfeeding well.

Breast Pumps

If my baby is unable to breastfeed or is separated from me due to medical reasons, I want to be able to use a breast pump within 6 hours of delivery. If you think I am going to need a pump longer than my hospital stay or if there is not a double electric breast pump available, please remind me to call my WIC office or health care plan for a pump.

Discharge Bags

Please do not give me a free gift bag containing formula or show me any promotional or marketing materials concerning artificial baby milk.

Breastfeeding Support After Discharge

I would like to receive contact information for breastfeeding support in case I need help with breastfeeding after my baby and I are at home. Remind me to make appointments to follow up with WIC and my baby's doctor before I leave the hospital.

Breastfeeding and being a working mom isn’t easy! We’ve made a few FREE breastfeeding pumping signs for your office or pumping area that you can easily put up while pumping.

We realize that being a working mom outside of the home that needs to pump isn’t easy. Despite clear cut laws in most states about the rights breastfeeding/pumping moms have, you often have to jump through hoops just for adequate times and space to pump. It’s as though people think leaving your baby is easy. As though, you have nothing else to do than give someone a hard time about giving you a space other than a bathroom to pump in multiple times a day. It’s really infuriating that we are still fighting for these simple things. These basic rights for our babies.

Why May You Need a Breastfeeding Pumping Sign

You finally get a pumping space and people decide to keep barging in the door. Talk about a let down mood buster. Constantly having to worry about people coming in while you are pumping is enough to stress anyone out on top of the already stressful situation that pumping at work presents.

Even if you don’t have the issue of people coming in and out of your space unannounced, you may just want a breastfeeding pumping sign for privacy or just because you are the type of person that loves decorating and want to put something up. No matter your reason for wanting a breastfeeding pumping sign for work, we guarantee that you will love at least one of the signs that we’ve made.

We wanted to take some time and create a few signs for you to print out and be able to put on the door of your pumping space. While we wish that we could ensure that no one will ever walk in on you, there’s always that risk. Hopefully, our signs help!

They are completely FREE for you to print out as often as needed. Our only ask is that you share our link with your pumping friends so they have access to them as well!

Tip: On the signs that says “Come back in ____ minutes”, print these out and laminate them. Then, you can use a dry erase marker to write on over and over again.

Scroll down to get the FREE breastfeeding pumping sign(s) of your choice!

Lactation Recipes –

Breastfeeding is already hard. If you would like some delicious lactation recipes, then check out our 15 Lactation Boosting Recipes. Multiple smoothie amounts, cookies, muffins, pancakes and more. These delicious recipes will knock your socks off. Make sure to try the Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Milkshake — our #1 post for more than 5 years! As well as our super popular lactation energy bites – just 6 ingredients and under 10 minutes to make, these are a huge hit!

Some breastfeeding words of encouragement:

I know you are here looking for breastfeeding pumping signs for work, but as a mama who nursed both of her kids to 3yo and 4yo, I feel like I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence without sharing a little breastfeeding encouragement. #1 – you are doing great. I feel like I needed to hear that more than I did. Breastfeeding is not easy. It’s often secluded and shunned, which can cause moms to have a heightened risk of anxiety and nervousness. However, you are doing great.

Feeding My Mother Pdf Free Download Movie

Just remember that you are doing this for the most important reason ever – to feed your baby for as long as you can. Pumping is one of the harder jobs ever, but you can succeed. Just keep up doing all the hard work that you are doing! You got this mama!

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Grab any of the breastfeeding pumping signs to print at this link.

Feeding My Mother Pdf Free Download Free

Grab any of these breastfeeding pumping signs to print at this link.

Make sure that you save our breastfeeding pumping signs to Pinterest so that you always have them easily accessible.

Feeding My Mother PDF Free Download

This post was originally published on 3/8/2017 and was updated with new signs and more information on 3/18/2019.

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