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Long Day’s Journey into Night revolves around the struggles of any family and human life. The story possesses the insecurity crisis of any human very smoothly. And we all know about Eugene O’Neill and his charismatic characters in any play. So stay put. Here is a complete appraisal about Long Day’s Journey into Night for you and not to mention a free pdf of the book to download.

Summary of Long Day’s Journey into Night Novel

The Play took place in the House of Tyrone in August 1912. The play starts with James Tyrone and his recently retired wife from Rehabilitation, talking about her weight gain and Jame’s Investment. In the other room, Edmund, His son, was coughing harshly. Mary thinks it’s only cold.

Then Edmund and his brother Jamie entered the room and started throwing banter at each other. And Edmund started coughing again.

Mary leaves the room. So James upbraids Jamie for saying about Edmund’s illness as they were trying to hide it.

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Mary wanted to take more morphine than her prescription, saying it is for Arthritis. But the maid said no to that. Then Mary sleeps, when waking up, she felt resentment and wanted to take morphine. But Edmund and James came before that.

Both of them become drunk, so Mary takes drugs, then they insult each other. They also find out Mary’s mother died of tuberculosis. And Mary went to her room alone and took more pills.

The last scene is James and Edmund play solitary and enjoy a conversation. Jamie comes drunk and fights with their father. Mary comes wearing her Wedding dress while at Morphine cloud. Everybody looks at her.

Review of Long Day’s Journey into Night

Eugene O’Neill received a Nobel in1936. This line alone is worth reading all the plays he wrote. I have a collection of Eugene O’Neill, and I once spent quite a time reading his works. Long Day’s Journey into Night is a Tony award-winning play. So I gave it some time.

The major component of this play is the intercourse between remorse and blame. The characters of the story spend a lot of time thinking about their past. They felt guilty about their deeds and then blamed it for others.

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Mary is drug-addicted. So drug and alcohol addiction take the stage in the play. These are problems of its own and reflected on the characters.

The play reflected the struggles of a family and their mourning, pain, and poor decisions. Most of the story is very relatable as it reminds of people around us or sometimes just us.

This play is one of the best pieces of dramatic play in the twentieth century. For any book lover, this book is a must, no doubt here. Stay put and download the free pdf.

About the Author

Eugene O’Neill was an American Author and Playwright born in Massachusetts in 1888. Eugene’s father was always on tour with the theatre, so he was admitted into a boarding school and studied there. Eugene spends many years on the sea, which you will find on his several works.

O’Neill wrote numerous plays and books. Among them Beyond the Horizon, Anna Christie, The Hairy Ape, Strange Interlude, Long Day’s Journey into Night, etc. are prominent and well recognized.

The life of Eugene was ups and downs. But The writer Eugene was such a marvel for literature. His Plays received so much recognition. O`Neill won the Nobel prize for Literature in 1936. Eugene got the Tony Award for Long Day’s Journey into Night. He also received the Pulitzer award five times.

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How does Long Day’s Journey Into Night end?

At the end of the story, you can think of Mary Tyrone not dying in the play, Long Day’s Journey into Night. But the woman character who was known as Tyrone’s wife is undoubtedly dead. Taking Morphine, Mary kills herself for the last of the play.

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How long is the play Long Day’s Journey Into Night?

The play Long Day’s Journey into Night got the Tony Award for Best Play. It was premier in theatre in 1956 for the first time. The play is about three hours and twenty minutes long. There is an intermission of 15 minutes in-between the play.

In Which place does Long Day’s Journey Into Night take place?

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The Play Long Day’s Journey into Night took place on a summer day of August from the year 1912. It was 8:30 to midnight, the story span of the play. The plot of the story took place in a seacoast of Connecticut home. The Monte Cristo Cottage. Four-man played in this play.


Story:4 /5

Engagement:5 /5

Characters: 4 /5


Length of story:4 /5

Creativity: 4/5

Fast Into The Night PDF Free Download

Overall: 4.5/5

Amazon: 4.8/5

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Goodreads: 4.1 /5

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Long Day’s Journey into Night is a true masterpiece by Eugene O’Neill. This book is relatable and shines in expressing the crisis we go through our life. This book is stunning in plot selection and smoothly flowing. I recommend it to any book lover. And when it’s free to read. Don’t miss it.

Here is an eBook version of Long Day’s Journey into Night PDF for free to download.