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Confessions Of A Trauma Junkie PDF Free Download

Confessions of a trauma junkie pdf free download for windows 7Confessions Of A Trauma Junkie PDF Free Download

Author:Sherry Jones Mayo
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Loving Healing Press Inc.

When a Patient approaches the ER triage desk, they are often greeted with, “What brought you here” or “Why are you here today?” When the answer is “the ambulance” or “my brother,” a clarification is often offered as, “How can we help you today?” Simple questions; here are some of their not always simple responses.

ER Triage: How Can We Help You Today?

Patient: “I'm having chest pain. You gotta take me first; I'm not waiting behind all these people when I could be having a heart attack.”

Nurse: “Ok, you are 22, no medical history, taking no medications, no one in your family has ever had heart problems, and it hurts more when you move or when you press on it and you've been lifting weights, which is new for you. You originally told me that you were here because you dropped the weights on your foot (that you are easily walking on) and you wanted to make sure that the foot wasn't broken. Now you want to go in front of all these nice people who are very ill and got here long before you because you suddenly have chest pain. Sir, your risk stratification is low, your vitals are completely stable, and you will have to wait your turn. I apologize for the delay, please have a seat.”

Confessions of a Trauma Junkie PDF Free download

Patient: “Fine. Then I'm going outside to smoke. What happens if I drop dead out there?”

Nurse: “Well then sir, you'll move right to the front of the line.”


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Patient's mother: Mom came to the triage desk stating that her twin infant boys were suffering runny noses and she was sure they had (both) stopped breathing several times. The babies, about six weeks old and breathing just fine, did in fact have dried matter around their noses (when asked, mom stated she didn't clean any of the debris off their faces because she wanted to prove to the ER staff that it really existed). Grandma chimed in that she had done CPR on the babies to save them. Much education was needed by all of the family members. It was eventually given and hopefully it was absorbed, retained and applied when the babies, who were perfectly healthy except for slight runny noses, were discharged.


Patient: (slumped in a wheelchair and speaking in a whisper, gasping between words) “I can't stand this pain. My chest. It feels like the muscles are being pulled out from the inside.” After determining that the complaint wasn't a result of cardiac problems or injury, the nurse was finally able to get the Patient to pin point the day, almost a week ago, when the pain started. He said he must have “rolled over hard in bed” to cause such agony and admitted that he had been smoking “medical marijuana” to control the excruciating pain.

Like so many others who sometimes dramatize their complaints for effectiveness, this Patient, who could barely talk or move in the chair during his triage, got up and walked effortlessly to the waiting room when his triaging was complete.

Confessions of a Trauma Junkie by Sherry Jones Mayo.epub

Confessions Of A Trauma Junkie Pdf Free Download Windows 10

The second book in the Trauma Junkie anthology is More Confessions of a Trauma Junkie: My Life as a Nurse Paramedic. It shares the raw and honest feelings of emergency service professionals through true ‘story behind the story’ revelations. Disclosing experiences from both sides of the gurney, Sherry and other EMS, ER, paramilitary, and firefighter responders walk you along their fragile line of sanity. Using humor as a life raft during perfect storms, workers reflect upon how they endure and survive personal and professional tragedy while trying not to care too much, and what happens when they fail in that attempt. A graduate student in psychology, Sherry is a paramedic, trauma nurse, and crisis interventionist who led a national paramilitary crisis response team and continues conducting crisis management training throughout the U.S.

Confessions Of A Trauma Junkie Pdf free. download full

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